UNGNOI Taichi Equipment Footers

“Tai-chi – The Art of Balance”

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    UNGNOI Taichi Equipment Footers

    The UNGNOI TAICHI equipment footers utilise a high specification Super Grade 5 ceramic ball, made to a tolerance of 0.00013mm, in their design to maximise performance. The body of each TAICHI BASE is made of certificated non-magnetic 304 stainless steel, and is highly polished. In the process of manufacturing UNGNOI technicians test each item by a Japanese precision instrument to reduce the error value in less than 0.01mm.

    The UNGNOI TAICHI range comes in three versions with the NINO, BASE and MAX along with the new 05 FIBRE to provide multiple options for component micro-vibration management.


    The TAICHI MAX builds on the success of the original TAICHI BASE and is a perfect match for larger hi-fi equipment, floor standing loudspeakers and equipment racks.

    It has a super grade ceramic ball that is 50% larger than the one used in the TAICHI BASE and an additional carbon fibre layer for improved vibration dispersion.

    To maximise its functionality, UNGNOI include M6, M8 & M10 high-grade stainless steel interchangeable threaded studs for floor-stand speakers & HiFi racks.

    The manufacturer suggests that with the TAICHI MAX the sound of your HiFi can achieve a higher level of performance with more transparency and details, richer harmonics, energetic mid-range, and dynamic bass.


    Height: 46.5mm
    Diameter: 53mm
    Ceramic ball diameter: 14.3mm ( Super Grade 5)
    Recommended max. loading: 132kg / 4 pieces

    Carbon Fiber Flat Washer specification:
    Diameter: 44mm
    Tensile Strength: 512 Ksi
    Tensile Modulus: 33.4 Msi
    Tensile Strain: 1.26%

    Included threaded studs size:
    M8 x 25mm
    M8 > M10 adaptor x 25mm
    M8 > M6 adaptor x 20mm


    Single unit – £235.00

    Set of 4 – £875.00


    The TAICHI BASE is the most versatile of footers and at only 24mm high is unobtrusive when placed under your equipment. Highly recommended for use under digital equipment in particular each set of four can support up to 80kg. The TAICHI BASE is simple to use and highly effective at vibration management without magnetic interference.

    As with all UNGNOI TAICHI BASE products it utilises a Super Grade 5 ceramic ball, which is a perfect sphere. Each ceramic ball has a minimal variation tolerance of ±0.00013mm.

    New for 2022 – the TAICHI BASE now comes with the addition of a carbon fibre top plate following the same design as the TAICHI MAX.


    Height: 25mm

    Diameter: 44.6mm

    Recommended maximum loading: 80kg / set

    Quantity : 4 per set
    Gross weight : 1.3kg per set


    Set of 4 – £475.00


    The TAICHI NINO is the smallest version in the range but is made to the same exacting specification of the other models. It is simple and effective – simple as that.


    Height: 16mm

    Diameter: 38mm

    Recommended maximum loading: 18kg / set

    Quantity : 4 per set
    Gross weight : 0.4kg per set


    Set of 4 – £299.00

    05 FIBRE:

    Also new for 2022 is the 05 FIBRE flat washer that can be used as an additional footer to improve the sonic performance of your equipment.

    Quantity: 8 pet set

    Diameter: 53mm

    Height: 0.5mm

    Price: £40.00


    Please note that there can be a long lead time on all UNGNOI products.