Ungnoi Crown Resonance Stabiliser

“Beautifully engineered, unobtrusive and effective”


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    Ungnoi Crown Resonance Stabiliser

    The CROWN resonance stabiliser from Ungnoi is an effective vibration management device that works well to isolate micro vibrations within components and loudspeakers.

    Different vibrations like chassis and airborne vibrations can affect your systems’ sound reproduction. The Ungnoi design team selected materials with different densities and textures like carbon fibre, natural rubber cork, and metal and ceramic spheres to create the CROWN resonance stabiliser.

    The Ungnoi design team came up with unique metal ratio spheres in both metal and ceramic materials and via extensive multiple tests found the combinations effectively tackled vibrations at different frequencies.

    The foundation of the Crown is carbon fiber and natural rubber cork. The combination is with great anti-static and protection and can protect your HiFi equipment from the aluminium enclosure of the Crown.
    The CROWN can fully bring out bass frequencies clearly and cleanly. Additionally, users may find the treble less aggressive and harsh.
    Beautifully engineered and very effective the CROWN is an elegant method of improving sound in your system.


    • Rubber / Cork base providing excellent anti-static properties
    • Carbon fibre panel to effectively block RFI
    • Various materials (metals and ceramic) & dimensions of internal spherical components utilised to combat vibrations at different frequencies
    • Easy to use and move for varying results


    • Dimensions: (W)164 (D)150 (H)31 mm
    • Net weight: 780g
    • Available in silver and black