Telos Macro G

“Active noise reduction in a discreet package”


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    Telos Macro G

    The Telos Macro G is a noise reduction solution designed for streaming devices.

    The Macro G has a built-in special made energy efficient power module to supply stable power to a CPU in a streaming device.

    When the CPU is supplied with stable power, it means it is able to provide the more accurate earth reference point, moreover it greatly narrows down the circuit area.

    The Macro G and the classic Grounding Noise Reducer GNR both utilise the same CPU to provide equally accurate reference potential.

    The Telos Audio Macro G has a circuit adopting a unique design and carries the Telos 15th anniversary module to provide the best circuit enhancement.

    The Macro G  has two sets of USB Type A, HDMI or RJ45 connections. It can connect two audio components, or router / network switch with USB or RJ45 interface. The HDMI can connect to a spare connection on your media device with the same effect.

    The Macro G series also benefits from a high quality chassis to provide the perfect structural strength. This decreases negative sound effects caused by cases constructed from lower quality resonant frequency materials.

    Each device added to you system provides perfect grounding in the digital streaming domain – Small size, great effect!

    Design Philosophy:

    Telos Audio Design offer several products designed to tackle audio and AV grounding noise, signal ‘phase’, and power supply issues. Jeff Linn, Telos-audio founder, designer has developed a unique and patented active grounding solution that removes the ‘noise’ that enters the audible electronics chain. This is often due to poor grounding on the signal earth line. These in turn connect to ‘dirty’ mains power earth which is a poor ground reference for highest fidelity.

    No mains power grounding, even a dedicated ground spur is fully effective, and in most cases poor grounding prevents the highest audio efficacy. The product range focused on system earthing is called the ‘Ground Noise Reducer’ (GNR for short).


    • Length:13.5 cm
    • Width:5.5 cm
    • Height:2.5 cm
    • Weight:0.3 kg