SoundKaos VOX 3a Loudspeakers

The Vox 3a is another exceptional compact 4 driver 3-way monitor loudspeaker from Soundkaos in Switzerland


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    SoundKaos VOX 3a Loudspeakers

    The SoundKaos VOX 3a loudspeakers are another exceptional compact 4 driver 3-way monitor loudspeaker from Martin Gateley of Sound|Kaos in Switzerland with even greater performance than the VOX 3f.

    The VOX 3a has the same emotional draw and the signature Sound|kaos sound, it just takes you even further into that emotional experience.

    The 10cm ferrite TangBand full range driver is replaced by a bespoke Enviée 11cm bronze basket Alnico motor paper cone with pleated surround. Additionally the filters and associated components all receive an upgrade.

    The RAAL ribbon super tweeter and the two Enviée back to back force cancelling 13cm custom woofers in the VOX 3a remain the same as the VOX 3f giving the full bandwidth of 35 Hz to 35 kHz but with slightly increased 92 dB efficiency.

    The upgrades over the VOX 3f take the 3a performance to even greater heights whilst retaining the room filling sound and low end reach of both speakers in the Soundkaos Vox range.

    A significant amount of R&D and testing has gone into the design of this loudspeaker and with the upgrades this has led to a necessary price increase. As a guide the bronze basket on the custom Enviée full range driver alone is more expensive than the entire TangBand driver on the VOX 3f and the Alnico motor is 4x the cost of the ferrite version.

    Once you take a listen we think you’ll find the additional investment well worth it, especially when you compare the VOX 3a to other loudspeakers in this price range.

    The VOX 3a comes in the traditional VOX all solid wood Walnut, Cherry, Oak and Ash versions with oiled/waxed or custom stain finish and has optional stands with metal or solid matching wood support legs.

    Variations in colour and grain appearance can vary significantly. Best attempts are made to match pairs as closely as possible

    The SoundKaos VOX 3a finishes are here.

    As an internal upgrade option the VOX 3a is now available with the LessLoss Firewire Module to provide the ultimate in performance from this award winning loudspeaker.

    Please enquire about the VOX 3a-fw at time of purchase.


    Bandwidth: 38 Hz to 35 kHz

    Sensitivity: 90 dB

    Impedance: 4 Ohm

    Amplifier required: 25-150 watts

    Dimensions (w.d.h cm): 17.5 x 27.5 x 36.0

    Weight: 7.2 kg

    Accessories: Wood or metal featured stand  – add £875.00

    Finish: Walnut, Cherry, Oak, Ash, plus white stained ash and black stained oak

    Upgrade: VOX 3a-fw  – add £1800.00