Soundkaos Vibra 68

“Highly strung? Not any more with these isolation footers”


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    Soundkaos Vibra 68

    New from Martin Gateley at Sound|Kaos is the VIBRA 68 isolation footer.

    Unlike the traditional ‘cup and ball’ or viscoelastic isolators the VIBRA 68 features a wire suspension design. This is created via three wires with crimped ball ends to create a dumbbell in each footer.

    The VIBRA 68 can be used under loudspeakers and subwoofers using the connecting M6/M8 supplied fittings to couple the two, or alternatively under individual components with the protective natural linoleum ring.

    The manufacturer of the dumbbell guarantees 100 kg on the crimp and the breaking strain on the 19 strand 1.5mm stainless wire is around 135 kg. So a guarantee go 60 kg per footer from Sound|Kaos is very conservative.

    Each footer is 60 mm diameter with a height of 45 mm and weighing just 210g. They come as standard in a carbon fibre finish but are also available in walnut and maple (80 mm dia.) to match the Sound|Kaos Libération speakers.

    The VIBRA 68 is meticulously designed to significantly reduce vibrations from audio equipment. This ensures vibrations from speakers or floor-borne noise do not negatively impact your listening experience.

    The result is an enriched musical experience, characterised  by enhanced focus, a deeper soundstage and impeccably controlled low-end.


    • Advanced vibration control for a enhanced audio experience

    • Innovative floor-suspended design

    • Resilient load transmission via steel wire dumb bells

    • Exceptional noise isolation through 1.5 mm ø steel wires

    • Secure stability with threaded adapters (M6/M8) and natural linoleum washer

    The VIBRA 68 can be supplied individually to create a set of three or four for placement under components or subwoofers and also in a set of eight for loudspeakers (at a discount)
    This is a premium isolation product that has already received a Moon Award from 6 Moons and positive reviews on YouTube

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