SoundKaos LIBéRATION Loudspeakers

“Room filling sound like no other loudspeaker we’ve heard”


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    SoundKaos Libération Loudspeakers

    SoundKaos LIBéRATION loudspeakers are all all about the one essential criteria – Music!

    The LIBéRATION employs an open baffle system which eliminates the ‘box’ and with it box induced performance issues including colourations, port issues, non-linear pressurisation of the drivers and attempts at choking half the speaker’s output with internal damping materials. That’s all very well I hear you say, but how do they sound?

    Well to define this in Swiss we’d say “Gänsehaut” …. Goosebumps!

    The Sound|Kaos LIBéRATION reproduces a very natural, superbly open soundstage, with a huge dimensional image which is virtually impossible to achieve with conventional ‘closed’ loudspeaker designs. This makes the LIBéRATION ideal for music that requires scale and dimensionality.

    Unlike most other open baffle loudspeakers the LIBéRATION also eliminates the ‘messy derrière’ by covering both front and rear in an attractive phosphor-bronze mesh cover.

    For a truly emotional music experience the Sound|kaos LIBéRATION is hard to beat.


    The baffle is made from 40 mm solid spruce tone wood with a edge surround in either solid walnut or maple.

    Open baffle 3-way with two bespoke 21cm (8″) Enviee full range drivers – one mid/high and the other mid/bass.

    One 14cm Raal dipole ribbon super tweeter and one 46cm (18″) dipole woofer.

    Available in solid Walnut or Maple.


    Bandwidth: 35 Hz to 50 kHz (varies with room size)

    Sensitivity: 96 dB

    Nominal impedance: 6 Ohm

    Amplifier required: 30-150 watts

    Dimensions (w.d.h cm): 60 x 32 x 102

    Weight (each): 40.0 Kg