Melody recliner chair

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    Melody Recliner Chair

    The Melody recliner chair is the perfect addition to your audio system.

    You spend a great deal of time setting up the optimal position for your loudspeakers, applying all manner of tweaks to ‘improve’ the sound, so why not your seating position too?

    We have teamed up with a specialist furniture supplier along with a manufacturer that we feel provides some great solutions for audio room furniture, whether you are listening with headphones or speakers. The furniture company is family owned Danish business founded in 1973. They manufacture across Europe to very high standards.

    We have selected a few chairs that we feel provide a great solution for audio, but they also have sofas with similar functions, and in some cases modular design.

    If you want to fit out your lounge or audio room with something special, this is the icing on the cake at a reasonable price.

    The Melody is a perfect example. Choose from a wide range of leathers or fabrics, then your base style, add accessories and finally the recliner options – manual, power, or battery (rechargeable) so it can be placed anywhere in a room.

    You can contact us for preliminary details or go direct to our supplier (UK shipping available) here. As with most furniture items it is an 12-14 week delivery period and then you’ll be relaxing in a perfect position with your favourite sounds.

    The Melody was the first chair we selected for our demo room so come and test it for yourself.


    • 3 grades of leather or fabric and multiple colours.
    • Choice of base design in either metal or wood.
    • Additional accessories including head rest.
    • Manual, electric or battery recline operation from buttons on side.
    • 70cm wide, 107cm high, 80cm deep.


    Manual recline

    Fabric from £850 up to £1060 in top grade and top base

    Leather from £975 up to £1300 in top grade and top base


    Power recline

    Fabric from £1095 up to £1250 in top grade and top base

    Leather from £1215 up to £1500 in top grade and top base

    Battery backup additional £195



    From £50 to £75