Getting into bed with interiors


Or not ... an experiment in cohabitation

Someone once said to me “The world is not ready for you yet”. Rather than the intended put-down I took it as a compliment – but maybe they were right?

One of my original business ideas was to work alongside Interior Designers. I was working for a high-end real estate company in the West End of London. To set the scene they owned large chunks of Mayfair and Belgravia and would bring in some top interiors people to fit out their properties prior to listing them on the rental market. I was there to review their supply chain and noticed amongst the famous names that the only audio company listed was a well known Danish lifestyle brand – and the local store had been closed for two years!

There had to be an opportunity here, or at least that’s what I thought. Further investigation showed that top interiors brands in West End department stores featured televisions with their furniture, although a contemporary Danish brand displayed a Korean television rather than a more obvious choice, to me at least. The distinct lack of ‘finishing the room’ was more apparent in flagship furniture stores elsewhere – and, in defiance of a popular Swedish company’s successful store layout concept, it just didn’t make sense.

I started following interior designers on social media to get more information and the same was true. One very well known designer did feature some ugly 70’s black ash speakers in a feature showing their beautiful make-over of a space, but when I contacted them they said they were the clients. I sent them a few images of some beautiful alternatives ….. no reply!

So what doesn’t look right in this picture? Is hi-fi too complicated? There’s certainly too much choice! Or is it just not on their agenda and they meet their sales targets regardless.

Maybe the home theatre and custom install market, or the emergence of smart homes draw some impenetrable boundaries. I understand that, but unless you have a dedicated space or ‘Mancave’ (ugh! I really dislike that term) your speakers et al need to share space with your furniture.

I wasn’t put off and kept my interiors focussed website design. After all it took a lot of work by the web designer to create, and has received many compliments from people in the audio industry suggesting it’s the future in an industry that some say is dying on its feet from lack of change.

To prove the point I have recently featured some chairs ‘for audio’ on my website, supplied by some lovely people, link here, and its already borne fruit.

So maybe there is an opportunity to cohabit after all and it’s was just me arriving a little early to the game, expecting too much too soon – time will tell.